About Us

About Us

Educational Institute for IT & Vocational Training (EIITVT) is A Division of Proactive Skills Training and Certification LLP, Incorporated under section 12(1) of the LLP Act 2008, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India & An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organization. We are registered under Ministry of MSME, Government of India & Shop and Establishment Act Government of Maharashtra. We are Internationally Approved Skills Training & Certification Body & Member of NBQP, Quality Council of India.

EIITVT has designed internationally standardized IT and vocational courses pursuing which students can easily offer themselves as the most suitable candidates to be employed in various reputed organizations.

EIITVT provide training in the field of IT & vocational trade & issue certificate to pass out candidate through our Authorized Training Centers across India.


To provide higher technical, computer & vocational education in low fee structure for every urban & rural areas all over india.


To take initiative to promote local entreprenuers to set up institute for providing vocational training to the students for their skills development.

About Vocational Education

Vocational education refers to the training that emphasizes on skills and knowledge needed for specific job, trade or craft. Vocational education is provided for wide range of job functions in various sectors like Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Automobile, Fashion Designing, Pesonality Development and many more. Students can choose from diverse courses available as per their skills and interest.

Benefits of Vocational Training

• Job Ready: Vocational education makes a student employment ready. It provides students required skills and training for a particular job such as Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Automobile, Fashion Designing, Pesonality Development etc. Along with the classroom instructions students also get practical knowledge. This makes the students job-ready and experts in their field.

• Low Education Cost: Vocational courses are easy and cheaper alternative for students who do not want to take a three year degree course and cannot afford the hostel fees, commuting and added costs. Many vocational courses are as good as degree courses and provide employment to the students. Vocational course is the best option for those who cannot manage the expenses for college degree.

• Easy Employment: Vocational training makes it easy for the students to find employment opportunities. There is a growing need of skilled and efficient manpower for jobs in various sectors. The students with vocational training have advantage over the college pass outs. The students with vocational training are preferred as they possess right skills, education and knowledge for the job. Thus, easy and fast employment is a major advantage that students with vocational training have. Vocational education and skills can also provide students employment opportunities in foreign countries.

• Career Advancement: For people who already have a job and want to acquire further skills to enhance their career, vocational education is the best alternative. The duration of the course is quite less compared to the degree courses but the skills imparted are quite important and useful. Professionals can improve their career prospects and be successful. Students who are less interested in academic studies or the drop outs can choose from the diverse courses available and enhance their skills in the field of their interest. Vocational education can help students make a successful career.

• Meet Market Demand: Employers in various industries rely on training organizations to impart knowledge and skills to the workers. These training organizations need to train the workers and ensure that their services meet the needs of employers and the students are job ready. Students who pursue vocational courses at college level do not require undergoing such training programs. This saves the company cost spent in training.

• Economic Development: There is a growing need of skilled professionals in various sectors across the world. The existence of skilled manpower is beneficial to the society and also for the economic development of the nation. There would be lesser need to import manpower from foreign countries at higher wages.

• Job Satisfaction: There are also various indirect benefits. For instance, vocational education boosts confidence of the students and they are well groomed and trained that makes them eligible for specific jobs. It also increases the job satisfaction and results in high productivity.

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